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3D Round Ridges



by Yazmina Reza

Translated by Christopher Hampton


You are cordially invited into Veronica and Michael Novak's home to witness what happens when four parents meet up to deal with the unruly behaviour of their two boys.*

Will you experience a rational debate between grown-ups about the need to teach kids how to behave properly? Or a hysterical night of dysfunction, tantrums and tears over cocktails?


Enter the Novak's living room and immerse yourself in the mayhem.

Boys will be boys, but the adults can be worse – much worse.


"...thoroughly satisfied by the exquisite experience of this professionally executed stage play, nestled within a charming small storefront ingeniously transformed into an intimate theater. Here, you're not merely a distant spectator, but an integral part of the unfolding drama, immersed in the action mere feet away. In the case of "God of Carnage," you'll find yourself seated in the very living room alongside the characters, feeling every cringe-worthy moment firsthand. This is an opportunity not to be missed!" - Gary

*A portion of the proceeds from our tickets sales will be donated to Fearless! of the Hudson Valley

God of Carnage


Fall 2023 Immersive Musical

Written by Lee Hall, "Billy Elliot" is based on the childhood experiences and struggle experienced by Lee Hall as he was growing up in a small village in Northern England with a passion for becoming a writer.  We, the producers and directors at Theatre on Main Street, knew the time was ripe to present a show that would touch our small village and town audiences with the themes of freedom, equality, and solidarity. Over the past several months, the word "solidarity" was scrawled as the complimentary close across many a letter from our own workers' unions.  And as it was read, each time the echoes of the song "Solidarity" marched in our hearts and minds. We knew our next musical had to be "Billv Elliot".

Billy Elliot logo
Godspell logo

Spring 2023 Immersive Musical

We bring you to Seattle, circa 1990’s

A group of musicians, friends, a barkeep, a waitress, & an angsty janitor, all convene in a bar on a unique evening when a woman with new ideologies brings people from disparate lives together to form a new community. 

It is our hope that this production inspires you to unplug, disconnect from the web of miscommunications, judgements & divisiveness.  We hope this production's messages of love, forgivenss, compassion, & care remind you to connect with the Earth, universal truths, & the people around you.  In real time.  In person. 

...And if this is the message that corrupts, then we are a devilish persons.


Orpheus Descending

2022 Inaugural Production

As our inaugural performance., Opheus Descending by Tennessee Williams reflects what our

production poster reads: "A Small Town, A Mercantile Store. A Rebel with a Guitar and a Love

Story". Comwall, New York isa small town and quintessential of any that might have themes that

emerge from the play. Although the play is written in the 1950s, set in Mississippi, its themes of

freedom, doub!, balance, status quo, loss and love are still prevalent in any community in America.

We have chosen therefore, for our production of this classic to be an immersive experience, in an

actual store with realism being paramount. All of us, amidst the challenges we face in life around us

constantly yearn, long and thirst for freedom, truth, and above all love. For that is what soothes,

inspires, and comforts us as Humans: true love that is vulnerable, and blooms with depth and

intimacy. It is an ancient quest, thal as a result of doubts and fear can feel as though it evades us

We have chosen through use of such elements as set, props, costume and sound, reflections of the

1950s, 1980s, and today, to help further reinforce the timelessness and universal applicability of the

themes in this beautiful, and rarely slaged play.



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