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Spring 2023 Cast & Crew


Musical Director:      Andrew Stein

Choreographer:        Montana Nogrady

George:                      Michael E. Boyle*

Celisse:                      Chelsea Camp Castro

Nick:                           Ryan Danahy

Telly:                           Benedict Hudson

Jess (Jesus):              Jessica Jaber*

Lindsay:                      Sara Johnson

Judy (Judas):              Montana Nogrady

Morgan:                       Angela Pepe

Stage Manager:          Meghan Farrell

Sound Engineer:         Jim Simonson

*Appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

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We bring you to Seattle, circa 1990’s

A group of musicians, friends, a barkeep, a waitress, & an angsty janitor, all convene in a bar on a unique evening when a woman with new ideologies brings people from disparate lives together to form a new community. 


It is allegedly in Central Bar that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana signed their record deal with Geffen records.  Established in 1892, 100 years prior, Central Bar became famous for igniting the grunge music scene.  Kurt Cobain & Nirvana are renown for launching this movement of music to the mainstream with their album, Nevermind.  The album, & its timeless hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” rocketed to fame, & became words for angsty teens to rebel by.  They were leaders.  They had an anti-establishment message and helped to create a culture.  They, and the several bands leading this music movement were rebels.


Alternative or Grunge music evolved as a reaction against the happy, upbeat sound of the 1980’s.  The 80’s are often characterized by excessive materialism and consumerism, which Grunge music's lyrics & sound stood against.  This alternative music style fused metal rock with punk rock & its introspective lyrics spoke of anxiety, depression, & dark emotions.  Oftentimes the musicians became advocates for equality & human rights, & advanced the feminist perspective.  Men were allowed to feel & have deep emotions.  The ideologies opposed those of the mainstream, & encouraged originality, realism, & independence.  It was a cultural movement which had the feel of a 60's revival, embedded in nonconformity and human rights, permeating many aspects of society including fashion, movies, literature, & even politics.  We thought this era ripe for the coming of a fictional "God's Daughter".

It is our hope that this production inspires you to unplug, disconnect from the web of miscommunications, judgements & divisiveness.  We hope this production's messages of love, forgivenss, compassion, & care remind you to connect with the Earth, universal truths, & the people around you.  In real time.  In person. 


...And if this is the message that corrupts, then we are a devilish persons.

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